Features and Benefits

Patented Technology

Protected by 15 patents, CholesTrak® HDL is self-administered, non-instrumented, quantitative test. It can be performed in the comfort of one's own home or office, giving people an effective, convenient, and inexpensive way to check their HDL cholesterol levels. Fasting and doctor's appointments are no longer necessary for a HDL cholesterol test.

Fast Turn Around Time

With CholesTrak® HDL Cholesterol Test, you can find out what your HDL cholesterol level is in 15 minutes or less. No more waiting or calling a doctor's office for cholesterol results.

Easy to Perform

Fill blood well with one hanging blood drop from your fingertip. Wait 3 minutes, then pull the side tab. Read result when End indicator turns green, which usually takes 10-12 minutes. Use result chart to interpret HDL cholesterol level.

Accurate and Inexpensive

Independent studies have shown CholesTrak® HDLto be 97% accurate. CholesTrak® HDL gives you the accuracy of a medical lab result at a fraction of the cost.

Early Dection Early Defense

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