• heartsmart
  • hand
  • Requires only a few drops of blood from the fingertip
  • hand
  • Wait 3 minutes and pull the side tab to start the reaction
  • hand
  • Read the test device just like a thermometer and refer to the result chart to interpret cholesterol level

CholesTrak® Total Cholesterol Test for Diabetics


High cholesterol is a major risk factor in developing heart disease that may lead to a heart attack or stroke. In May of 2001, the National Institute of Health added diabetes to the list of "Major Risk Factors" for heart disease. Adults with diabetes are six times more likely to have heart disease or suffer a stroke than people without diabetes. Hence, an early detection of high cholesterol is critical in managing a diabetic's heart and cholesterol health.

CholesTrak® Total Cholesterol Test for Diabetics can help physicians and patients in their quest to take control of their cholesterol health. It allows people with diabetes to quickly determine their cholesterol level in the convenience of their own home, office, or while traveling. With this easy-to-use cholesterol test, diabetic people can find out their total cholesterol level in 15 minutes or less.

Once the trend of a diabetic person's cholesterol has been established, that person and his/her physician can take steps to control his/her cholesterol and lower his/her risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

CholesTrak® Total Cholesterol Test for for Diabetics gives people with diabetes an effective, inexpensive, and convenient way to monitor their cholesterol health.

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