Inside the Tests

How exactly do our test cassettes work?

  • The Accumeter is comprised of four paper strip components along with a wicking reagent. 
  • This proprietary technology uses the capillary migration of the wicking reagent through the contiguous sections of the paper strips. 
  • The process is started by the consumer filling the well completely with blood. 
  • The blood is then filtered and deposited onto the sample pad.   
  • When the tab is pulled, the wicking solution is introduced into the bottom of the cassette allowing the process to begin. 
  • The wicking solution comes in contact with the first paper strip which helps transfer the wicking solution into the sample pad. 
  • This solution moves the sample into the enzyme pad, which in turn moves into the measurement region strip. 
  • During this process, a chemical reaction takes place and a visible color band will begin to form as time begins to pass. 
  • As time goes by, the reaction will continue to happen as the solution makes its way to the top of the cassette. 
  • Once the end window has changed colors, the test is complete and you can read and interpret your results. 
  • The whole process will take roughly less than 15 minutes and deliver accurate results in the privacy of your own home. 

Early Dection Early Defense

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