Tips for Using the Lancet

Before using the lancet, make sure you read the instructions COMPLETELY

Preparing the Lancet (insert pictures accordingly)

  • This lancet is a single use disposable finger-stick device.
  • Once the needle is engaged, it will puncture and self-retract to avoid any accidents.
  • There is no need to reset the lancet because they come already engaged.
  • DO NOT PULL the protective stem on the lancet. If you pull the protective stem, the needle will engage and cannot be used again.
  • TWIST and remove the protective stem from the sterile needle.
  • Now the Lancet is ready to be used.
  • Preparing your fingers (insert pictures accordingly):

    • Wash you hands thoroughly with warm water. By doing so, your hands and fingers will have better blood circulation. You may also shake your hands prior to using the lancet. This will also stimulate more blood flow in your fingers.
    • You can also let the arm of your selected finger hang down at your side for at least 30 seconds to increase blood flow.
    • If you are right-handed, draw blood from your left hand. (Reverse if left-handed.)
    • Choose a finger that you would like to prick (preferably your “middle” or “ring ” finger). Make sure they are not calloused. If they are, the lancet may have trouble puncturing through the skin.
    • We recommend pricking the side of the fingertip because the skin is usually softer and easier to puncture.
    • Once you have drawn blood, it is important to begin milking/massaging your finger to increase blood flow.
    • Make sure you accumulate enough blood on your fingertip before dropping it into the blood well. It is very important that you use large hanging drops into the well as opposed to little dabs of blood.
    • Fill the blood well up to the marked line and then wait 3 minutes. You should tap the bottom of the cassette a few times to help facilitate the filtration of the blood down to the sample pad. Extra blood will not affect the test however not enough blood may give lower/inaccurate readings.
    • Early Dection Early Defense

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